GearLoopTopo Launches New Website and
Ultra-Light Topo for Multi-Pitch Cimbing

Salt Lake City, Utah (November 5th, 2008) - GearLoopTopo is a new concept dedicated to providing the climbing community with an innovative tool: practical and high quality individual topos specifically designed for multi-pitch routes. GearLoopTopos are extremely detailed and accurate, and are designed to be clipped directly to the climber's harness, making them easy to carry, and easy to consult on the approach, the descent, and especially while on lead. GearLoopTopos were developed to offer climbers a more efficient and enjoyable multi-pitch climbing experience.

Each GearLoopTopo provides all the detailed information needed for conquering the best multi-pitch routes, and offers many advantages over the traditional climbing guidebook. Ultra light and sturdy, the GearLoopTopo weighs in at only 9 grams, and is equipped with a cordelette for easy attachment and quick consultation. Because they come in a small and handy size (6"x4"), are full color, inexpensive, and feature a strong waterproof lamination, GearLoopTopos are the answer for climbers demanding a better alternative to heavy and bulky guidebooks, flimsy photocopies and inaccurate information. Check out the free GearLoopTopo samples.

Each route has been meticulously climbed and documented to insure the most accurate and up to date information. The front side of the GearLoopTopo features a clear color photo of the wall, with the line of ascent and the belay locations, as well as the sun exposure, a detailed approach and descent description, both accompanied by a schematic map, and realistic average time required. A pitch by pitch description of the route is presented in a clear, concise text, and a special "tips" section provides useful information about possible extensions, variations and other special considerations.

The back side of the GearLoopTopo features the actual graphical topo of the route and the possible variations. Very detailed and easy to read, it contains additional information such as accurate pitch lengths for each pitch, belay type for each belay, precise location of rappel stations, and useful gear and rope advice. A color-coded belay system even allows climbers to anticipate the comfort level of each belay station.

The GearLoopTopo collection features over 60 different routes, covering areas from the Desert Towers of Moab, to Squamish (British Columbia), and Red Rocks (Nevada). Many other areas are also scheduled to be released in the near future, such as Tuolumne Meadows, the Yosemite Valley, the Wasatch Range of Utah, and much more. GearLoopTopos are distributed domestically through various outdoor specialty shops, and can also be purchased directly online. GearLoopTopos are available individually for a suggested retail price of $2.99.

The GearLoopTopo website is an on-line extension of the concept, providing climbers with tons of free, valuable, and practical information about climbing areas and updated route information. All the information on the website is available in easy to download and print PDF files. The combination of the individual topos and the website makes for a powerful tool that will help climbers plan and execute their next multi-pitch climbing adventure with success, and perform at their highest level.

GearLoopTopo is a young and dynamic company committed to the development of innovative, practical and high quality tools specifically designed for multi-pitch climbers.

Download the PDF version of the Press Release.

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