Going Nuts, Red Rocks Route Photo

Going Nuts 5.6

Solar Slab Area, Oak Creek Canyon

  • Going Nuts Sun ExposureRoute quality:
  • Going Nuts First AscentUnknown
  • Going Nuts Pitch InfoNumber of pitches: 2
  • Going Nuts Approach TimeApproach Time: ¾-1 hour to wall
  • Going Nuts Climbing TimeClimbing Time: 50-60 minutes
  • Going Nuts Descent timeDescent Time: 30-40 min to base
  • Going Nuts Sun ExposureSun exposure: Sunrise until end afternoon
  • About the Climb

    Going Nuts is a short 2 pitch route that starts from the Solar Slab Ledge in the middle of the huge arch. The climbing is super fun on tiles of varnish, like a mini Armatron (5.9). Because of the structure of the varnish, nuts work best for protection, so you could be going nuts only.

    Because of its position and length the route is seldom the main objective of the day, but it can be easily combined with one of the other popular climbs in the area.

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    The GearLoopTopo

    There is no individual GearLoopTopo for Going Nuts. However, the topo for Going Nuts is included on the GearLoopTopos for Solar Slab (5.6), Johnny Vegas (5.7), and Beulah's Book (5.9).

    Possible Combinations

    The route makes a nice 2-pitch extension to routes on the lower tier of the Solar Slab Wall that top out on the Solar Slab Ledge. Johnny Vegas (5.7) is the most logical combination considering its grade. Beulah's Book (5.9) is also an excellent route that can easily be combined with Going Nuts.

    Alternatively, Going Nuts can also be used as an alternative start for the ever popular Solar Slab (5.6). From the top of the route you have to traverse right over the arch to reach the second belay of Solar Slab.

    If you start on Johnny Vegas (5.7), then climb Going Nuts, and finish on Solar Slab (5.6), you will have an amazing day of up to 12 pitches of 5.6-5.7 climbing.

    Similar Climbs

    If you like climbing on tiles of varnish, you should put Armatron (5.9) on top of your tick list. It has 2 full pitches of sustained 5.6 climbing on incredible varnish tiles. The fact that the route is located on the Brownstone Wall keeps the crowds away.

    There are many other routes in Red Rocks that have lots of nice face climbing on the outer varnish layer. A few great choices are: Geronimo (5.6), Birdland (5.7+), Crimson Chrysalis (5.8).

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    1. Black Orpheus (5.9+)
    2. Beulah's Book (5.9)
    3. Johnny Vegas (5.7)
    4. Going Nuts (5.6)
    5. Solar Slab (5.6)
    6. Levitation 29 (5.11c)
    7. Eagle Dance (5.10c, A0)

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