Split Pillar, Squamish Route Photo

Split Pillar 5.10b

Grand Wall, The Chief

  • Split Pillar Sun ExposureRoute quality:
  • Split Pillar First AscentMany climbers, 1961-1975, Pillar: Loeks, Putman, 1975
  • Split Pillar Pitch InfoNumber of pitches: 4
  • Split Pillar Approach TimeApproach Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Split Pillar Climbing TimeClimbing Time: 3-4 hours
  • Split Pillar Descent timeDescent Time: 1 hour to base
  • Split Pillar Sun ExposureSun exposure: Afternoon until sunset
  • About the Climb

    The Grand Wall (5.11a) is the ultimate Squamish classic climb with great exposure and excellent climbing up the Chief's Grand Wall. However, the Sword and Perry's Layback pitches are rated 5.11a, and can be too difficult for some climbers. You can still get a taste of the Grand Wall by climbing up to the Split Pillar, and then rapping down. This decreases the difficulty to 5.10b, and still makes it a great climb.

    If you decide to climb the Grand Wall up to the Split Pillar, please be considerate of other climbers going all the way to the top. It is best not to start to early, so you have less chances of being rushed by faster parties climbing the entire Grand Wall.

    Split Pillar (Squamish) GearLoopTopo {Split Pillar (Squamish) GearLoopTopo

    Low Resolution GearLoopTopo Preview

    Minimum order of 3 GearLoopTopos

    The GearLoopTopo

    Our GearLoopTopo for Split Pillar contains all the information you need for the climb, and includes the Flake Escape Ledges and Apron Strings (5.10b) start. Compared to the GearLoopTopo for the Grand Wall, this topo features a more detailed topo and text description up to the Split Pillar. It also includes more information on the rappel station for the descent.

    Possible Combinations

    Several other options also exist to reach the start of this climb. The easiest way is by using the Flake Escape Ledges, which countours around on the left, and then cuts back right over the Flake to the base of the route. Alternatively, you can also climb Apron Strings (5.10b) on the right side of the Flake to reach the dyke at the start of the Grand Wall.

    Download the Split Pillar PDF file or visit the PDF Center.

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