Thunderbolts, Desert Towers Route Photo

Thunderbolts 5.10b

Easter Island (Bridger Jack), Indian Creek

  • Thunderbolts Sun ExposureRoute quality:
  • Thunderbolts First AscentJeff Achey
  • Thunderbolts Pitch InfoNumber of pitches: 2
  • Thunderbolts Approach TimeApproach Time: 20-25 minutes
  • Thunderbolts Climbing TimeClimbing Time: 1-2 hours
  • Thunderbolts Descent timeDescent Time: 15-30 min to base
  • Thunderbolts Sun ExposureSun exposure: AM sun on P1, PM sun on P2
  • About the Climb

    The Bridger Jacks are a group of relatively short spires in the heart of Indian Creek. If you get tired of cragging at Indian Creek, want to get away from the crowds and are looking for a little more adventure to the top of a tower, then these towers are for you. This is also a great spot to camp if you’ll be in Indian Creek for a few days. These spires offer a relatively moderate and quick approach, as well as several quality short summit climbs. It is easy to climb multiple towers in a day because of the easy access. The rock is excellent, the view is great and the climbing can feel very different from one climb to another.

    Thunderbolts is located on Easter Island, the tower just right of Sparkling Touch. It might be the shortest of the Bridger Jacks spires, but it is also the most popular tower of the group. Thunderbolts is a very fun moderate climb that requires a good blend of crack and face climbing skills. The first pitch climbs up a wide hands/fist crack. A couple of exciting moves are then encountered before you reach a notch. The second pitch climbs up an exposed bolt protected face around the backside of the tower. Although it is well protected, the sandy and slopey holds will keep things exciting.

    Getting to the base of the Bridger Jacks requires driving on a dirt road that can be rough in sections, depending on the conditions. Most 2WD cars will be OK, but a high clearance 4x4 can help. Camping at the base of the Bridger Jacks is very convenient and will offer the easiest access to Thunderbolts, as well as incredible views of Indian Creek. Sites are first come first serve, and no toilets or water are available. Please use Wag Bags (donation box or bring your own) and pack out everything with you.

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    The GearLoopTopo

    Our GearLoopTopo for Bridger Jack Spires contains all the detailed information you need for the climb, starting from Newspaper Rock in Indian Creek.

    In addition to the Thunderbolts topo, our GearLoopTopo also contains the topos for its neighbors Learning To Crawl (5.11b), Sparkling Touch (5.11a) and East Face Route (5.10d).

    Similar Climbs

    Once up at the base of the Bridger Jacks, it's easy to bag other quality climbs that are just a few minutes away. Combine Thunderbolts with one or all of these climbs Learning To Crawl (5.11b), Sparkling Touch (5.11a) or East Face Route (5.10d) for a full day of summit bagging.

    If you are looking for another great moderate climb that offers many options and that is not too far, you should go check the South Face (5.7 to 5.10) of the South Six Shooter Peak. With 2 distinct summits and a variety of moderate climbs ranging from 5.7 to 5.10b, this tower has something to offer to everyone. Other moderate climbs with a similar grade also include Otto's Route (5.8+), Stolen Chimney (5.10c or 5.9 A0), North Chimney (5.9-) and Kor-Ingalls (5.9).

    If you want to climb more sustained cracks, Lightning Bolt Cracks (5.11b), also located in Indian Creek, will not disapoint you.

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